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Today advertising dominates our landscapes, public and private spaces, buses, media and the internet. Billions are spent influencing how we spend our money and thousands of research papers have been published as to the effectiveness of this multibillion pound industry. Advertising is a very much a part of our social fabric - it is ubiquitous, whether it is perceived directly or subliminally. With these images my intention was to reduce the billboards to the most basic elements, to obliterate the messages and create a giant "lightbox" of white light. To use the "furniture" of advertising and medium of photography to effectively erase all of the information and in doing so transform the object and its purpose. So much of the focus is diverted and the focal point shifts to the bland and banal urban spaces that surround the billboards. These images were never conceived as anti-advertising but more of a question. With so much advertising has it become a little more than a white noise?

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