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'Solar Recordings of Phone Calls with Family Members, Friends, and Scammers’ explores the perception of time, interpersonal relations, and the complexities of human connection. By deconstructing the photographic process into its fundamental elements of light and time, I have embarked on a research-based journey to capture the essence of phone conversations. Utilizing medium format film and the sun's trajectory, I record the sun's path during each call, allowing the duration of the exposure to determine the ethereal solarization of the images.


Through this meticulous technique, I aim to evoke a sense of uniqueness and otherworldliness in the photographs, transforming mundane landscapes into hauntingly beautiful compositions. Each image serves as a tangible record of a specific phone call, providing insight into the nature of relationships and the nuances of conversations. The patterns that emerge reveal the varying lengths of calls, reflecting the dynamics between individuals and the depth of their connections.


My personal experiences as an immigrant, connecting with loved ones scattered across the globe, inspired this project. Additionally, calls with scammers and phone advertising contributed unexpected yet satirical elements to the recordings. The lengthy process of capturing each image, often taking even up to an hour per exposure, involved extensive experimentation with different types of photographic film and the development processes.


The resulting black-and-white archive serves as a repository of intimate words, turbulent thoughts, political disputes, and a pervasive longing for loved ones. The desolate beauty of the landscapes, juxtaposed with the celestial streaks, invites viewers to reflect on the complexities of human relationships, the fragility of time, and the longing for meaningful connections in an increasingly interconnected yet isolated world.


The exhibited images have elicited positive responses, fostering engaging conversations among viewers. While the aesthetic of the photographs may appear grim or post-apocalyptic, their true essence lies in the experience of co-creating the images with others. Each image represents a significant moment, not only capturing the physicality of the conversation but also the emotional and psychological journey shared with another person.


Regarding privacy, participants in the recorded phone calls were not explicitly informed about the project, although a few individuals have discovered their involvement over time. I have maintained the data and its associated memories privately, cherishing the personal significance behind each photograph.


This project contributes to the broader discourse on art, photography, and human relationships by highlighting the expressive power of art as a medium for self-reflection and social influence. The ongoing journey of this project may explore future developments, potentially incorporating augmented or virtual reality to enhance the immersive experience for viewers.


Ultimately, ‘Solar Recordings of Phone Calls with Family Members, Friends, and Scammers’ celebrates the uniqueness and importance of our own emotions, fostering a deeper understanding of ourselves and the connections we share with others."

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